Lifehack #3 Slice your own cheese

P1060651_lznHave you ever noticed that buying cheese in blocks is way less expensive than buying it in slices? Of course the blocks are more expensive than a package of slices, but if you calculate the weight into it you get de facto more cheese outta your money by buying cheese blocks and slicing them yourself. If you prefer thinner slices, invest some money in a cheese slicer (here you can find them everywhere for approximately 4 Euros).  After a few packages of cheese the price will already be worth it. P1060663_lzn

Time concerns? Making this sandwich (including cutting the vegetables, cheese and buttering the bread cost me 5 minutes). That’s sometimes the time I spend trying o open a cheese package or getting a slice off the rest.
Not convinced? I found that cheese in blocks goes bad less fast (my explanation is that it has less surface than the pre-sliced one so it doesn’t dry out as fast and doesn’t provide as much surface for wild yeasts etc. to grow and mould). So go ahead and give it a try 🙂


Lifehack #2: Don’t store apples with banana

Have you wondered why your bananas turn brown so fast in your fruit bowl or cupboard? If there are any apples nearby, this is the answer. I don’t deny that apples and bananas can be good friends. They’re awesome together in smoothies, cakes, breakfast, fruit salad… just not in the cupboard. Apples emit ethylene which is a gas that makes fruit (in this case bananas) ripe faster (why didn’t they teach us this in high school chemistry?).End nerd rant.

So, if you don’t want your bananas  to turn mushy-brown during the next days, don’t store them with apples. It’s that simple.  Or make banana bread at the end of the week (another excuse to eat cake, because otherwise these bananas would go bad, right?
And in case your bananas are not ripe enough – just leave them with some apples in a paper bag on the counter (preferably two days or until they have the desired ripeness). This will speed up the ripening process quite a bit.
Sometimes baking is rocket science. But just a little bit and getting it is pretty helpful, isn’t it?

Lifehack #1 Give your jam a last goodbye

Title159143575Give the rest of your jam a last goodbye by turning it into mongolian tea. What? Yes, mongolian tea.
When I was younger, my dad had to go to mongolia for work. Mongolia is a very beautiful, non-touristic country that is in my opinion mostly known for not being known (which is really sad since it does have some really good places to visit!). My dad once took me and being a teenage girl, I still remember the vast amounts of meat we were served and the fact that they drank tea with a lot of jam. I wasn’t too fond of the meat back then but I remember drinking glass and glass of the black tea with sweet jam (which of course got me really hyperactive since black tea has teeine but the jam was just so good!).
Anyway, I had this almost empty (really more empty than anything) glass of jam (from my Raspberry Buttercream) in my pantry and apart from the fact that I hate wasting food, I also really wanted the glass to put my sunflower seeds in. Since I had to rinse it with hot water anyways to clean it, I figured I’d just make some tea in it and see if I could re-create the “mongolian experience” and tadaaa, it worked. Actually the mongolian use some kind of dark, very sweet jam but I think any red fruit  jam will work. Just make the tea in your jam glass, remove the tea bag after the time it needs, close the jam glass and shake well for a few times to dissolve the jam (caution, it’s very hot!).

Black chai with that little touch of sweetness that will save you putting in the extra sugar in your tea (My ex-roommate did that with a glass of honey last year and it worked as well). Plus, it saves you some cleaning effort.