One day,  I was sitting in the break between lectures next to one of my friends. Showing her the new amazing blog I found I was being all like “oh, I wish I could do this” and she said “well, if you did one of those I would certainly read it”. And badadadam, seed planted in my heart.

I have actually been playing around with the idea for quite a while, especially since more and more people have been commenting on my baking and cooking skills (kinda lame, but hey, gotta accept the gifts you’ve been given, right?). Being a student, I know what it is like to live, cook and bake on a budget and I was surprised to find out how simple it is to not spend huge amounts and still eat healthy (and bake loads of unhealthy stuff but sssssshh).

To be honest, I never liked cooking that much. Baking, sure, always loved and always will, but cooking, naaah. Last year I always used to make my roommate cook or ate cereal (no wonder where all these kilos came from) but since I moved and started studying I discovered cooking for myself and tadaaaaaa, it’s actually really easy, doesn’t take a lot of time and is totally rewarding (and not only because you’ve got food on your plate but that sure is a major point).

So when students say “I can’t cook”, don’t kid yourself, people! Cooking and baking are no rocket science and I hope this blog will give you some ideas for whipping up something in your own (student) kitchenette.