Lifehack #3 Slice your own cheese

P1060651_lznHave you ever noticed that buying cheese in blocks is way less expensive than buying it in slices? Of course the blocks are more expensive than a package of slices, but if you calculate the weight into it you get de facto more cheese outta your money by buying cheese blocks and slicing them yourself. If you prefer thinner slices, invest some money in a cheese slicer (here you can find them everywhere for approximately 4 Euros).  After a few packages of cheese the price will already be worth it. P1060663_lzn

Time concerns? Making this sandwich (including cutting the vegetables, cheese and buttering the bread cost me 5 minutes). That’s sometimes the time I spend trying o open a cheese package or getting a slice off the rest.
Not convinced? I found that cheese in blocks goes bad less fast (my explanation is that it has less surface than the pre-sliced one so it doesn’t dry out as fast and doesn’t provide as much surface for wild yeasts etc. to grow and mould). So go ahead and give it a try 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lifehack #3 Slice your own cheese

  1. There’s loads of pre sliced and grated cheeses in French supermarkets but I’m frugal so don’t buy them! The flavour develops on a piece of cheese too. Good for you trying the ‘old-fashioned’ way! 🙂


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