Mediterranean Tortilla Pizza

P1060512_lznThe other day my friend E came over at 17:30 (5:30 pm) for what we had planned to be “cook dinner and watch a movie”. Well, let’s just say we never got further than dinner and spend the rest of the evening vegging out in my room on the carpet, eating lots (and by that I mean lots) of junk food and discussing important things in life (exams, guys, E’s disgusting housemate, the upcoming vacation etc.).

Now, one could say that the dinner simply took us so long (or the cake I baked to take to my friend P’s Birthday, pics will follow soon), but that would be a lie.
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Carrot cake oatmeal

P1060489_lznA little kids dream: Carrot cake for breakfast. Heavenly cinnamon smell paired with moist cake and sugary taste…and then mom forcing us to eat a good and healthy breakfast and we secretly thought: “and when I grow up, I’ll eat cake for breakfast every day”.
Now we’re all (somehow) grown up and old enough to decide what we eat for ourselves, but somehow a cake doesn’t last me that well through a morning of class (surprise, surprise, Mom 1 Johanna 0). Still, we can dream, right? Or just make our morningly oatmeal taste like cake. Continue reading

Salmon with salty almonds and zucchini

P1060484_lznAs you may have noticed, there are no meat recipes on this blog (yet). There are many reasons for this (meat is expensive and I don’t like and don’t need it) and usually I manage to get my proteins from lentils, beans, soy etc.  I don’t cook fish that often either but I actually really like it and when I found a MSC certified and affordable (!!) salmon, I couldn’t resist.  Together with the salted almonds, honey, onion and lemon juice the salmon makes for a perfect light dinner. I chose to pair it with some oven baked zucchini, drizzled with oil and sprinkled with salt plus pasta as a side carb, but I bet it would be a really nice summer dish just by itself. Almonds are good for your brain (at least that’s what they say) and fish has got a lot of Omega3 and healthy fat which makes this a healthy dish to enjoy guilt free.
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Egg-scelent breakfast bread

Eggs and bread, what can you want more on a (study) morning? Well, maybe eggs in the bread, instead of just on them (for that little extra fancyness, although I am not sure if that word even exists).If you’re sick of the good ole ‘fried egg on bread’,  this is a super quick, yet slightly fancy (because different layout) option that has been a family favorite for many years. Can you imagine how well you can smear that egg yolk all over the bread? Hmmm. Add some fresh fruit and you’ll have a super power breakfast (carbs, protein and vitamins) that’ll last you through the day. And yes mom, I could’ve added some cucumber instead of the kiwi to have less sugars but sometimes you just need sweet. Don’t we all?
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Easy mediterranean pasta salad


Pasta salad is always a great option for those occasions where you have to feed a crowd but don’t have enough pans to keep all that food hot at the same time. Or for picknicks in spring (since salad is a spring food, right?). The combination of feta cheese, tomato and rucola is a classic (contradict me if I am wrong) and the pasta gets to sit in the  vinaigrette over night which ensures for even more flavour. Plus, it looks so colorful. And Pasta is a cheap thing…
I made the pasta the night before I was having a dinner for 8 people (the task of cooking got dumped on me last minute but since no one else was willing to do it I said I would just make something easy which wouldn’t conflict too much with exam preparation) and is just a side dish. Of course you can also have it as a main dish or on a salad buffet.  My mom makes it with some black olives added into the mix, but since I didn’t know how picky my eaters were I chose to omit them.
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Lifehack #2: Don’t store apples with banana

Have you wondered why your bananas turn brown so fast in your fruit bowl or cupboard? If there are any apples nearby, this is the answer. I don’t deny that apples and bananas can be good friends. They’re awesome together in smoothies, cakes, breakfast, fruit salad… just not in the cupboard. Apples emit ethylene which is a gas that makes fruit (in this case bananas) ripe faster (why didn’t they teach us this in high school chemistry?).End nerd rant.

So, if you don’t want your bananas  to turn mushy-brown during the next days, don’t store them with apples. It’s that simple.  Or make banana bread at the end of the week (another excuse to eat cake, because otherwise these bananas would go bad, right?
And in case your bananas are not ripe enough – just leave them with some apples in a paper bag on the counter (preferably two days or until they have the desired ripeness). This will speed up the ripening process quite a bit.
Sometimes baking is rocket science. But just a little bit and getting it is pretty helpful, isn’t it?

Easy sweet Pfannkuchen (German Pancakes)

IMG_20160401_120451Finally spring is here (at least somehow). Birds are singing, the sun is shining (even here sometimes) and yup, the mood is rising of students all over the country (at least I hope). Are you looking forward to the outdoor picknic season as much as I am? If yes, you might be in the mood for some Pfannkuchen too. Pfannkuchen are a delicious german dish and basically consist of a batter of eggs, flour and milk that is baked thinly in a pan. Can be spread with anything you want. Actually, spring was supposed to be the star here, but the real star are these.  Sweet Pfannkuchen, a thin dough with a topping of your choice. And they’re easy to make and don’t require a mixer. Curious? Continue reading