Easy peasy healthy student breakfast

Title85261425Here in the netherlands (and probably anywhere else as well) it is just sooooo easy: you go into the supermarket, buy a package of ontbijtkoeken (dutch “breakfast cakes” that are basically a slice of awesomely spiced sweet bread) and eat them for breakfast. BUT… they’re not exactly healthy and vitamin-packed (which is what we’re aiming for, especially in exam times, to keep the brain working) and I am always still hungry after eating one. Additionally, each one of them is wrapped in plastic individually (which I personally am not very fond of).
Many of my friends say they do not have time in the mornings to make themselves a proper breakfast (“I am not gonna cook oats in the morning if I have a class at 10 am!”) or are too lazy in the evenings (so overnight oats is not an option either), so here is an easy-peasy vitamin-rich breakfast that will keep you busy students full till lunch (and it only takes 8 minutes to make maximum, I promise!!!)


I sometimes eat it  topped with a tablespoon of granola for extra sweetness

With chocolate sprinkles when I really really crave sweet stuff (so much for the healthy part)


And when you’re in a hurry: just pop it in a container and take it with you (awesome side effect: the oats will be really mushy when you eat it, just like overnight oats)

Easy peasy student breakfast
prep-time: 8 mins
Serves: 1

This is what you need
1 apple, chopped into small cubes
1 banana, chopped into small slices100 g  (soy) yoghurt
50 g quick oats
Optional “gourmet” ingredients: raisins, chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon, 1 Tablespoon granola, sunflower seeds etc.

And this is how we do it
Slice the fruit into cubes and put it into your container/ plate. Top with the yoghurt, the quick oats and optional gourmet ingredients. When using a container, wrap it in another bag before putting it into your university bag (nothing is worse than yoghurt spilled over your essay you were about to hand in – trust me!).
Enjoy your healthy start into the day 🙂


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