Bread Pizza Tomato Mozzarella

Today before going to hockey training I was really craving food. Not as in chocolate but as in the “carbs, veggies and protein but still sort of light combo” (aka pizza). Fresh tomato, mozzarella and bread, what can there be better? So, what do you do when pizza-hunger strikes but you don’t have time for the whole dough-making, letting rise and baking thing? Use bread. Ta-daah, bread pizza that smells so good you can’t wait to take it out of the oven. Super easy, fast and satisfying (maybe even healthy because of the veggies, the cheese and spelt bread?) student food. Can be made in the oven or even in the microwave. You want more? Make two or even three for a full dinner!
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Hefezopf: Sweet easter braided bread

IMG_20160324_172054_lznSo, you guys know when you’re really torn between two things? Like, I don’t know, snickers or mars? Or cookies vs chocolate cake? And you know that one would certainly be the wiser option but then the other one just seems sooo good? It’s the same thing with this recipe. This, is called a Hefezopf (German for yeast braid) and I wanted to make proper pictures and style them  and make them look all pretty to go with the recipe but then my camera ran out of battery and I could not find the charger anywhere and as fast as I could look, the cake got eaten and it was like “pictures or it didn’t happen” so I basically HAD to use my phone. The reason why I am posting this is that this is a special easter bread in Germany and easter is in two days so I really wanted to do something that fits the theme at least a little bit. So, no styling but an easy (although a bit time-consuming) recipe that will guarantee you bakery-style sweet bread and lots of aahs and oohs from your friends :). And the best: no mixer!!! My grandma surely knows what she’s doing and this recipe is the ultimate proof. Continue reading

Wheat pops revisited: abricot coconut granola bars

Title37027271Midterm exams have got me in their veery tight grip right now which means my life basically consists of studying, eating, running and sleeping. But I’ve kinda maxed out my running capacity (after 10 km a day my body just says stop) which means I have to find another way to cope with the stress: *stressbaking enters the stage*.

BUT: I have to get off my chocolate consumption a little (or not a little) which means no snickers, chocolate, muffins and so on.
My life is about to end! I’ve found a solution: granola bars.
Wheat pops are a typical student food (cheap, sweet, easy to eat) but they really show off their capacities in these abricot coconut granola bars. I made them once when I was still a kid and I can’t find the recipe anymore, so I tried to re-create it. The texture is hard to describe I would call them crewy (a mixture between crunchy from the wheat pops and chewy from the abricots) and if you are a sweet tooth, these are for you!!! Continue reading

Lifehack #1 Give your jam a last goodbye

Title159143575Give the rest of your jam a last goodbye by turning it into mongolian tea. What? Yes, mongolian tea.
When I was younger, my dad had to go to mongolia for work. Mongolia is a very beautiful, non-touristic country that is in my opinion mostly known for not being known (which is really sad since it does have some really good places to visit!). My dad once took me and being a teenage girl, I still remember the vast amounts of meat we were served and the fact that they drank tea with a lot of jam. I wasn’t too fond of the meat back then but I remember drinking glass and glass of the black tea with sweet jam (which of course got me really hyperactive since black tea has teeine but the jam was just so good!).
Anyway, I had this almost empty (really more empty than anything) glass of jam (from my Raspberry Buttercream) in my pantry and apart from the fact that I hate wasting food, I also really wanted the glass to put my sunflower seeds in. Since I had to rinse it with hot water anyways to clean it, I figured I’d just make some tea in it and see if I could re-create the “mongolian experience” and tadaaa, it worked. Actually the mongolian use some kind of dark, very sweet jam but I think any red fruit  jam will work. Just make the tea in your jam glass, remove the tea bag after the time it needs, close the jam glass and shake well for a few times to dissolve the jam (caution, it’s very hot!).

Black chai with that little touch of sweetness that will save you putting in the extra sugar in your tea (My ex-roommate did that with a glass of honey last year and it worked as well). Plus, it saves you some cleaning effort.

No-mixer Nutella brownie muffins


I have this one flatmate and he loves Nutella. Well, actually I love nutella too (because who doesn’t). It’s just super tasty, not expensive comfort food and I could eat it right out of the glass with a spoon (ssssh) which is exactly why I never buy it. See, once I have something in the house I eat it, but if I don’t have it, I am too lazy to go out and get it in those moments of craving (crazy logic but it works).
So, anyways, this roommate had his birthday on friday and I wanted to make him something special (side note: I usually make food for my friends for their birthdays because who doesn’t love food? Oh and because they won’t have another thing clutting their room after their birthday). Anyways, I figured I might just make some nutella brownies (and this is being a nice roommate, because for him I brought NUTELLA INTO THE HOUSE) but we don’t have a brownie pan, so tadaa, muffins. Cute little super fast muffins mixed up at 7 AM without a mixer (and I promise, your roommates will even love you more for this). They’re soft, chocolatey with a tiny hint of coffee and sea salt for that extra sophistication. I don’t even mind that they cracked on the tops. And my roommate didn’t either. Continue reading

Caramellized snickers cookies


A week ago I found out that you can actually put snickers, mars and candy bars into your baking. Stupid me, where have I been all the time (honestly, I was so excited about it that I kept telling random people in my class about it and they were all like “oh yeah, I know”). Where have I been all my life??? To be honest, I coul probably live off snickers (but I recently found out that my mom did that too when she was studying so it’s probably hereditary) so when I found out that you could use them in even more ways nothing could’ve stopped me. The same evening I went to the supermarket and fun-size snickers were on sale (and this, people, is Karma). Although it’s totally irrational price-wise to buy the small ones instead of the big ones and way more plastic (huge downside), I decided to splurge for once and make some cookies to use up that lonely egg before going to visit my family.
These cookies were a huge success with friends and roomies alike, they’re superfast to make and yield A LOT of cookies. Plus, no one will notice if you eat one of those snickers while baking (or two, or even three, they’re so small it doesn’t count, right?) Continue reading

Easy peasy healthy student breakfast

Title85261425Here in the netherlands (and probably anywhere else as well) it is just sooooo easy: you go into the supermarket, buy a package of ontbijtkoeken (dutch “breakfast cakes” that are basically a slice of awesomely spiced sweet bread) and eat them for breakfast. BUT… they’re not exactly healthy and vitamin-packed (which is what we’re aiming for, especially in exam times, to keep the brain working) and I am always still hungry after eating one. Additionally, each one of them is wrapped in plastic individually (which I personally am not very fond of).
Many of my friends say they do not have time in the mornings to make themselves a proper breakfast (“I am not gonna cook oats in the morning if I have a class at 10 am!”) or are too lazy in the evenings (so overnight oats is not an option either), so here is an easy-peasy vitamin-rich breakfast that will keep you busy students full till lunch (and it only takes 8 minutes to make maximum, I promise!!!) Continue reading